Barbara Chizzolini

Barbara Chizzolini

I earned my Master in Economics at the University of Pennsylania, (Philadelfia, USA), after graduating in Economics at Bocconi. I am an assistant professor of Economics at Bocconi since 1986. I am responsible for the long-run previsions in a multi-countries regional model for Europe, and for the simulation of future managerial projects in the Space Economics: private and public investments in the moon.

Researcher with Tenure
Research interests

My research interests include Applied Econometrics: Limited dependent models and Financial Time Series. I use both these tools to analyze the performance of Banks under competition and the Firms’ investment decisions in risky environment, in particular for Private Equity Firms.

Model the Space Economics: private and public investment in the moon, and in satellites services to Agriculture, Traffic and Telecommunications.

Econometrics: Limited dependent models, Financial Time Series

Private Equity Assets performance.

Selected Publications