Guido Tabellini Receives the De Sanctis Prize for Economic Sciences


For the first time, the De Sanctis Foundation has decided to award one of its annual prizes to recognize excellence in the field of economic sciences. One of the two scholars honored in this first edition is Guido Tabellini, Intesa Sanpaolo Chair in Political Economics at Bocconi and former Rector of the University between 2008 and 2012. He is joined by Raffaella Sadun, a Professor at Harvard Business School.
The prize-giving ceremony, presented by Corrado Augias, was introduced by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco.
Professor Tabellini, described by the prize jury as “a giant of economics,” including his role as a founder of the field of political economy, is credited in the motivation with “identifying important issues well before their importance becomes apparent,” and for having made a significant contribution to the public good.” The President of the jury, Carlo Cottarelli, said he was “honored to have chaired the first jury of the prize that goes to two absolutely outstanding figures of our academic world.”