Michele Polo

Michele Polo

My education includes a MSc in Economics at the London School of Economics and a PhD at Bocconi University. I am Full Professor in Economics at Bocconi University and ENI Chair in Energy Markets. I have been Chair of the GREEEN Research Centre, Chair of the Econ Department and Vice Rector of Bocconi University. My research interests are in Industrial Organization, Regulation, Competition Policy and Network Industries. I extensively published  on international peer-reviewed Journals and book chapters on these topics.  

Full Professor
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Research interests

Industrial Organization with special reference to platform and digital markets and network industries (energy, telecoms, media)

Competition policy with special reference to abuse of dominance, mergers and acquisitions and their effect on innovations, cartels and leniency programs

Regulation with special reference to the deployment of the fixed telecom network, the market definition in media industries, the development of wholesale gas markets, the liberalization of retail electricity markets

Microeconomics (1st year BA)

Industrial Organization and Competition Policy (MSc. in Economics)

Competition Policy and Regulation (MSc. In Economics)

Advanced Industrial Organization (PhD)