Chiara Fumagalli

I am Full Professor of Economics and Dean of the Undergraduate School.

I earned my Degree in Economics at Bocconi University (DES) in 1994 and my PhD in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in 2000.

Full Professor
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I am Research Fellow of CEPR (Industrial Organization and Organization Economics Groups) and a member of the CEPR Research Policy Network for Competition Policy whose aim is to build a community of researchers around a particular topic of high policy relevance and where academic research and collaboration with policy-makers can have a high impact. Since 2014 I have been a member of the EC Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy. 

I am Co-Editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Research interests

I am an applied micro-economist, whose research covers the fields of Industrial Organization and Organizational Economics. Much of my work concerns competition policy and the activity of diversified organizations.

Regarding Competition Policy, I have extensively studied the economics of exclusionary practices. Recently, I have started investigating the effects of acquisitions of potential competitors and the labor market effects of horizontal mergers.

Concerning business groups, I have studied how the activity of Internal Capital Markets and Internal Labor Markets affect the behavior of affiliated firms in response to shocks. Recently I have started exploring whether the activity of ILMs in business groups contributes to alleviating misallocation of labor across sectors.

Selected Publications