Chiara Fumagalli

I am Full Professor of Economics and Dean of the Undergraduate School.

I earned my Degree in Economics at Bocconi University (DES) in 1994 and my PhD in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in 2000.

I am Research Fellow of CEPR (Industrial Organization and Organization Economics groups) and member of the CEPR Research Policy Network for Competitio Policy. Since 2014 I have been member of the EC Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy. Since 2022 I am Associate Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Full Professor
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In May 2021 I have been appointed member of the CEPR Research Policy Network for Competition Policy, whose aim is to build a community of researchers around a particular topic of high policy relevance and where academic research and collaboration with policy-makers can have a high impact.

Research interests

I am an applied micro-economist, whose research covers the fields of Industrial Organization and Organizational Economics. Much of my work concerns competition policy and the activity of diversified organizations.

Regarding Competition Policy, I have extensively studied the economics of exclusionary practices. Recently, I have started investigating the effects of acquisitions of potential competitors and the labor market effects of horizontal mergers.

Concerning business groups, I have studied how the activity of Internal Capital Markets and Internal Labor Markets affect the behavior of affiliated firms in response to shocks. Recently I have started exploring whether the activity of ILMs in business groups contributes to alleviating misallocation of labor across sectors.

Working papers
C. Fumagalli with G. Cestone, F. Kramarz and G. Pica
CEPR Discussion Paper 17890, 2023
C. Fumagalli with M. Motta and E. Tarantino
Shelving or developing? Acquisition of potential competitors
IGIER Working Paper n. 680, 2022
Selected Publications